Are you still sleeping?

The other day I had a very sobering experience. I was sitting in traffic at a red light, when all of a sudden, I started to feel really good. I had such peace come over me, and the warmth and freedom I started to feel was exhilarating.

I hadn't felt something like this in a long time and something inside me was saying "yes, this feels so so good". All the stress and responsibility of the day seemed to just disappear I was finally free.

The only problem was during this seemingly "religious" experience, my foot had actually come off the brake pedal and now 80,000 lbs. of truck was rolling towards the car in front of me.

I had fallen asleep. Thankfully God woke me up just before I hit the car in front of me and I was able to regain control and stop before hitting the car.

My job requires me at times to go without sleep and work extended hours or work through the night. This was one of those times.

God clearly spoke to me right then about the account in scripture, where Jesus asked his disciples "are you still sleeping?" This was one of the most critical times in history as Jesus was about to go to the cross.

Well here we are once again at a vital time in history and the temptation to sleep is overwhelming many.

Sleep in one sense is when the flesh finally gets it's way, unrestrained by responsibility the body can fully focus on self.

I believe selfishness is one of the great last day assaults that's currently taking many out of the will of God.

Even in some people close to me
I have seen an unbridled brazen selfishness rear it's
head and it's very disturbing.

The problem with the last day temptations is that they will just feel too good.

Much like the experience I had falling asleep, this same experience is happening to many in their spiritual life and I fear this strategy will continue to take out many.

God help us to stay awake, love of self is so dangerous because it feels so good. Normal Christianity is dieing to our self, this opens the door to real joy, peace, and satisfaction.

Are you still sleeping?

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