Jesus just couldn't leave it alone

One of the things I love about the Lord is his willingness to unapologetically do His fathers will and speak the truth in love. I believe he wasn't purposely trying to be contrary or different for the sake of His own ego, but He was truly just being Himself in fulfilling His call.

He was a man, He had a masculine spirit. I believe this is one of the great assaults on our generation. Most Christian men today are in such confusion because they have bought the lie that a religious non confrontational passive feminine spirit is the Holy Spirit.

I remember growing up in religion and being nauseated by the religious passive culture surrounding me. Although this is no excuse, many today stay away from the church because this is still the norm in most places.

We are in a spiritual war, a passive feminine spirit will get you killed on the battle field. Many Christian leaders today have exchanged God's truth for a religious culture that in many ways is contrary to the life and teaching of Jesus.

Even in the prophetic main stream most of it is dominated by the passive non confrontational religious spirit that ran the religious system in Jesus day. Basically all talk and no action, many today define a religious spirit as a self righteous driven type of spirit that relies on works for salvation.

Although that is true to some extent that type usually finds expression through cults and false religion.

The kind Jesus hammered away at is what dominates many churches today. He said the leaven of the Pharisees is hypocrisy, not so much self righteousness. He said "do as they say but don't do as they do" (Mathew 23:3) He's called us to walk in maturity, walk out what we say we believe.

An over emphasis on worrying about "striving" is really just exposing how immature we are. Salvation is by grace, once you understand that, it's no longer about you or "your" salvation That's settled, now it's time to turn and think about helping someone else.

Continued emphasis on an anti striving campaign will eventually turn you against God in defending your selfishness and immaturity.

This is why our religious culture today is in such danger, because eventually it will turn completely away from the doctrines of Christ. It will actually be anti Christ and not even know it.

God help us!