How to bear fruit out of season

Going on scheduled outreaches is a great way to experience consistent supernatural encounters with people in the context of preaching and ministry.

However, sometimes life and responsibilities have a way of bearing down on us and stealing much of our time right out from under us.

When this happens it's easy to feel like we can't be used by God until we have more "free time". One of the strategies of hell is to cause us to feel like we are too busy to be effective or fruitful.

Although there is some truth to being too busy, there is a greater truth that says to redeem the time.
Spiritual momentum and fruitfulness can be maintained in these seasons.

Jesus said "as you go preach" you don't have to wait for a scheduled outreach. Wherever you go or whatever you're doing you can bring the kingdom with you.

My schedule has been very demanding the past few months and I've been faced with the reality that you can only do so much with the time you have.

So what do you do when you find yourself maxed out and your usual way of focused ministry is being disrupted by legitimate responsibilities? Here's a few things that have helped me.

1. Stay flexible, one of the characteristics of a new wineskin is flexibility.

2. Allow things to stretch you, it creates a unique atmosphere for the Holy Ghost to

3. Make it a point to take advantage of seemingly small opportunities to minister to people
    (I've found the Holy Ghost is way ahead of me on this one).

4. Redeem the time, turn whatever circumstance or schedule you're facing over to God's purpose and present help and His kingdom will come.

5. Maintain your inner connection and sensitivity to the Holy Ghost.

6. Take a moment to pray and lay hands on someone needing a miracle.

7. Don't take the people you come in contact with for granite, know they need ministry from a loving supernatural God.

I've recently seen four people get healed as I've done this with people I've encountered at work. It only took a moment to lay hands and pray and each one came back later testifying of getting healed.

One guy said I was the only person he had ever let pray for him, what a priveledge.

Supernatural encounters on the job have a way of increasing favor and credibility with people like nothing else, sometimes a miracle is worth a thousand words.Thank you Jesus!

I think it is vital as followers of Jesus to have focused, scheduled times for preaching and ministry, but there are seasons when it is more difficult.

This is when we are especially to redeem the time. Do everything unto the Lord and make the most of every moment He gives us. A moment spent on God's purposes releases more than we think.