Persecutions are coming

This is one of the promises in the Bible that we rarely put on our refrigerators if ever. Well, we might as well go ahead and put it up there because it's coming and it's here. What is Jesus instruction in dealing with the coming and current persecution.

In Mathew 5 we're told to pray for those who persecute us and also to love are enemies. In Mathew 10 Jesus gives some practical wisdom concerning persecution.

The persecution we deal with is not yet physical, but mainly the attacks that come from the "man made religious system" of our day or the "politically correct" spirit that is gaining momentum on a worldwide scale.

Whatever name you want to give it is beside the point. The reality is, it's an anti-Christ spirit, it's aggressive and it is after you, your family, your aggressive faith and what you believe. If you are a true follower of the King it is pursuing you to injure you and cause you harm.

That's the bad news.

The good news is God's strategy for your life is not for you to put your tail between your legs and hide in the corner. The exhortation Jesus gives us is to BOLDLY PREACH FROM THE HOUSETOPS the message from the king.(Math.10:27)

We need to do it in our families, neighborhoods, cities and even in our churches. The assault on truth has gone unchallenged for to long. The time for apologizing for being a follower of Jesus is over.

There are only two kingdoms, the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. The time of the gospel is a very short season, let's spend it wisely. Harvest time in the light of eternity is a very short time which cannot be gotten back once it's gone.

Let's with cheerful courage boldly proclaim Jesus is king! Enjoy the fight, never quit, never give up, we can take the land!