Are you doing the welfare shuffle?

We've all seen them, maybe we've even been behind them at the mall. You know, seemingly able bodied people just walking fast enough to keep from going backwards, they seem to have no particular place to go and all day to get there.

Whenever I spot this rhythm going on it's usually a pretty clear sign their doing what I affectionately call the, "welfare shuffle".

Unfortunately many believers today have a similar rhythm going on in their life. Yes they have a steady stream of food and support coming in from the religious system, but their dependency on this system has robbed them of the dignity and anointing God's called them to walk in

Here are a few warning signs you may be doing  the"welfare shuffle" in your walk with God.

1. Coming to church empty without anything to give away.
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What? We're suppose to be thinking of others, even at church? Yes!
It's good to come to church, but it's not intended to be a spectator sport.

According to the bible we're supposed to come together with something to give away, not to be focused on personal growth and what "I can get out of this".

Church tradition got it wrong, check your bible.1 cor 14: 12 "let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel". 


2. Willing to eat anything because it's free food and you're hungry.

I was eating lunch with my daughter at her school last year and the girl sitting across from us was eating the free school hot lunch.

It didn't look very appetizing, in fact, when we asked her what it was she said she didn't know. Then we asked her if it was good, she said "not really". When my daughter asked " why are you eating it then "?
She responded "because I'm hungry".

Many believers today will sit under preaching and teaching that is really bad, in fact much of it is contrary to what the bible really teaches. Why do they continue to eat it? Sadly because it's free food and they're hungry.

3. Willing to ride with someone as long as it doesn't cost you anything.

Helping people and especially making disciples is costly.
Years ago I had a roommate who wanted our new apartment to be a place of ministry. He had lofty visions of ministry, helping people get on their feet, feeding the homeless, encouraging new believers and so on...

Well a few days into it we were helping some new believers and let's just say they had some "rough edges". After a couple days of them he basically said "that's enough of that". Evidently he had meant let's help people without any problems.