Reality "the state of things as they actually exist"

I was recently thinking of some old friends of mine who's motto was "reality is for people who can't handle drugs". Not the brightest bulbs on the tree I'll admit, but they did have a creative way of twisting things.

Before I was a christian I was on a similar path trying my best to not face reality. At the same time I knew God was real, His kingdom was real, and if I didn't repent I was in big trouble. When I did give my life to the Lord one of my first revelations as a new believer was God calls us to dive headfirst into reality. His reality, any other mindset is really just fantasy.

Jesus said "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" Why? This world is at best a fleeting fantasy. "The world is passing away and the lust of it, but he who does the will of God abides forever."

Think of everything you've done, tasted, or experienced up to this moment. Where is it? It's gone, it's like chasing the wind, this life is at best a vapor.

The strategy of hell is to distract us from the will of God, from His purpose for our lives, which is to know him and advance His kingdom. The trick of the world, the flesh and the devil is to offer fantasy over reality. If were not walking in a revelation of the kingdom of God were living a "fantasy life". Even as a church goer or religious person.

One definition of fantasy is "imagination unrestricted by reality". I believe this is the lawlessness the bible warns of. Many today are trying their best to keep God out of their minds, cultures and yes even churches. The crazy thing is this, this is God's world, in Him we live and move and have our being, Jesus is the king, there is no escape.

Why do we feel the need to water down what Jesus actually says? Because it messes with our "fantasy life".

In Luke 8:37 is the most fearful prayer any of us could pray, it says "then the whole multitude of the surrounding region of the Gadarenes asked Him to depart from them, for they were seized with great fear. This is the account of Jesus healing the demon possessed man.

He shook their fantasy life so much they asked Him to leave. What's even more fearful is His response to their prayer. He left!