Have we lost our voice?

Recently I was listening to a radio program with two counselors giving "help" to people calling in. During the program I kept thinking "wow their giving really bad counsel to these people".

One of the callers was trapped in a homosexual lifestyle and was asking for help in finding a fulfilling romantic relationship.

The caller was very frustrated and was desperately seeking help. The counselors advice was to just keep looking, he suggested the callers frustration and lack of fulfillment was largely because society hasn't fully accepted this lifestyle.

It was very sad to hear the caller genuinely asking for help and getting such bad, totally wrong, counsel. It was like a lost driver getting directions and being sent in the opposite direction of where he needs to go.

I was reminded of Proverbs 18:17 The first one to plead his cause seems right. Until his neighbor comes and examines him.

Much of the help available today is very far from the truth, even in our religious culture much of the help offered does more harm than good because it's simply not true.

It may be true in a sense, according to this world, but not according to Christ and His kingdom.

We have a mandate as the Church to speak the truth in love. When we're silent, "the first one to plead his cause seems right."

In other words when the counsel or politically correct "truth" of today is left unchallenged. It is more easily embraced as "right". There is conveniently nothing to compare it to.

We are the neighbor this scripture speaks of.
It's our responsibility to examine. If we don't who will? It's our responsibility to speak the Truth.

The Hebrew word used here for examine means of examining thoroughly, so as to expose weakness in a case

We need to test the ever changing popular truth of today by the everlasting truth of the Bible. It's time to not just silently agree with God but boldly speak the word of God.
Our voice isn't insignificant, in fact Jesus said "he who hears you hears me" That's a pretty high calling.

It's time to get our voice back, it's time to pray that prayer "Lord grant to your servants that with all boldness we may speak your word".

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