What are we seeking first?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and happened to invite him to go on outreach with us. He responded by saying "hey maybe I will if I don't have anything else to do later".

I new we wouldn't see him because the reality is there is always "something to do later". This is one of the main strategies from hell to keep us distracted from the very heart of God.

Maybe his response just came out wrong, but it really got me thinking. This is the mindset in much of our Christian culture today. Jesus said seek first the kingdom and His righteousness but to many times we try to fit it in when we have time.

Our natural tendency is to take the best for ourselves and give God what's left. The default setting for our flesh is always the path of least resistance.

We purposely schedule our outreaches many times at the best time of the day to help break us out of our selfish mindset, because the reality is, we will never have the time, love will always challenge us to take the time. When we do, God always seams to heap on us much more than we could ever gather for ourselves.

What ever happened to good old fashioned giving God our best. I believe if we just got back to basic worship, things would radically change. Instead of giving God left overs what if we gave him our first fruits in every area.

What if what we gave him actually cost us something. "Ouch"( that's starting to hurt a bit) but seriously, What if a new culture is emerging where God gets the "prime time slot".

What if a new breed of Christians is emerging who won't love their lives unto death. A people sold on being followers and not just believers.

What if as the darkness covers the earth and deep darkness the people, the Lord arises over us and His glory is seen upon us.

I believe it's coming, it's here and I want in on it!

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