Our unchanging mandate

Jesus said there is a time coming when we will be hated by all nations for His names sake. It used to be hard to imagine that our generation would see such times, but I think it's obvious they may be closer then we think.

Although our world is ever changing, the bible is very clear, our mandate never changes. The call to spread the gospel, make disciples and release the kingdom is the same today as it was 2,000 years ago. In the United States we still have freedom to preach the gospel. In many other nations there is still favor and freedom to preach. Many people are still very open to hear the gospel, however things won't always be this way.

An accelerated change is occurring world wide, the stage is being set and lines are being drawn. The spirit of the world and the Spirit of God are headed right for each other and soon everyone will have to choose.

If we can't keep ourselves motivated in a time of peace, how will we in a time of persecution. How will we stand when the atmosphere changes? Will we suddenly be enabled with courage and boldness from on high supernaturally? I hope so but it's not likely, the grace and enabling is released in the going, it will always require a sacrifice on our part. Jesus said " he who has, more will be given but he who doesn't have even what he seems to have will be taken from him."

In the parable of the talents the wicked and lazy servants excuse was fear and a mindset that says"it's hard and it's just not for me." The comfort that comes with disobedience, is only temporary, and it does nothing to relieve the guilt and shame silent Christianity breeds.

Now is the time to boldly walk in the joy of obedience, if we don't now, how will we then.

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